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Redpin Therapeutics Receives Four Additional US Patents

By September 22, 2021No Comments
Global patent estate significantly strengthened for Redpin’s innovative ion channel-based chemogenetics platform

Redpin Therapeutics, Inc. (‘Redpin’ or the ‘Company’), a pioneering chemogenetics company developing uniquely controllable gene therapies to address intractable diseases of the nervous system, today announced the grant of four new patents by the US Patent and Trademark Office covering the Company’s proprietary chemogenetics platform. These patents, the latest of which was issued yesterday, significantly strengthen Redpin’s existing intellectual property position and are exclusively licensed to Redpin by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, a leading medical research foundation in the US.

Redpin is pioneering a novel cell therapy approach to address neural circuit dysfunction, and its technology is designed to selectively activate or silence disease-causing neurons while leaving normal functioning cells unaffected.

We are delighted to have further strengthened the patent estate around our groundbreaking ultra-potent ion channel based chemogenetics platform,said Dr. Elma Hawkins, President and Founder of Redpin Therapeutics.Our approach has the potential to deliver effective treatments for a wide range of currently intractable neurological and psychiatric diseases and disorders, bringing much needed help to patients. These patents added to our existing estate will ensure that we can bring targeted cell therapies to patients in need as rapidly as possible.

These four additional patents provide broad coverage, until 2038, for a class of modified ligand-gated ion channels that are based on the ligand binding domain of the α nicotinic acetylcholine receptor and methods of their use. This includes ion channel species that have specificity for FDA-approved drugs, such as varenicline, as well as other ion channel species that are activated by additional classes of nicotinic ligands.

Redpin is developing engineered ion channels as patient-controlled gene therapies to correct neurological dysfunction by targeting the ion channels to neurons with aberrant activity, rendering them amenable to selective pharmacological neuromodulation by ultra-low doses of varenicline.

About Redpin

Based in New York City, Redpin Therapeutics is a privately held, preclinical stage gene therapy company developing a proprietary chemogenetics platform for targeted cell therapies to address currently intractable diseases of the central nervous system. Using a powerful and innovative technology that inverts traditional drug development by using gene therapy to target an engineered receptor to any cell type responsible for disease and modulating its function with an already-approved drug. This has the potential to deliver effective treatments for a wide range of currently intractable neurological and psychiatric diseases and disorders. Redpin has a worldwide exclusive license from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute for the therapeutic use of this technology, and the company is working with urgency to apply it to advance important medicines for patients in desperate need of effective therapies.

About Chemogenetics

Chemogenetics is a ground-breaking approach to selectively control cell function by installing an engineered receptor that renders any targeted cell population sensitive to modulation by an agonist designed to selectively target that receptor. Redpin is building an innovative ion channel-based chemogenetics platform that introduces a new paradigm for tunable, targeted cell therapies. Ion channels are proteins that are responsible for electrical activity in cells. We are leveraging ion channels as neuromodulation tools to either stimulate under-active neurons or inhibit over-active ones.

Using our synthetic biology platform, we have designed proprietary chimeric ligand-gated ion channels as targeted cell therapies to selectively stimulate or inhibit dysfunctional neuronal circuits implicated in neurological diseases. Our ion channel receptors are designed to only modulate neuron activity when exposed to very low doses of the orally delivered small molecule drug varenicline. Varencline (CHANTIX®) is approved by the U.S. Food & Drug Administration (FDA) as an anti-smoking agent. We believe varenicline is particularly attractive for chemogenetic applications in the central nervous system because it is well tolerated by patients at low doses and has excellent brain penetration.

Elma S. Hawkins, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Redpin Therapeutics